This post contains sensitive material that may not be suitable for all readers. The material in question includes:

- Bad language
- Graphic violence
- Frightening imagery
- Flashing imagery (for the epileptic)
- Mental health topics (treatment, delusions, etc.)
- Mentions of abuse and trauma
- Sexual and suggestive content
Oh, dear. I guess it wouldn’t be beneath him after all.

Okay, my cynic-o-meter is officially bubbling over. It’s time to move onto something I have a much stronger fondness for… but that’s not to say it’s by any means perfect, either.

You’re telling me, Slade. I mean, Wade.
Those bastards knew their lore, baby!
Well… at least one writer knew to show instead of tell. And from the victim’s perspective, no less.

Oh, and the Most Wanted mission for Killer Croc is basically his own version of “Heart of Ice” and Cold, Cold Heart, in that he’s the only initial antagonist until the reveal of the real monster—that being Warden Rankin in this case. Plus, in Croc’s evidence locker description, Cash even shows him a little sympathy for the first time. Apparently, Rocksteady realized they treated him too inhumanely in Asylum, and you know what? God bless them for that.

The Perfect Entry For an Imperfect Saga

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